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Cansonic’s Exclusive Dual Lens Dashcam Technology.

150 Wide-angle Lens + 164ft / 50m Telephoto Zoom-in Lens

We combined 2 lenses into a device. The wide-angle lens is for complete identification of an incident and how it happened. The zoom-in lens is for catching hit and run defendants who flee a scene. Our zoom-in lens can see up to 164ft /50m, so whether hit and run perpetrators stay or flee the scene, UltraDuo can capture the event from a remarkable distance like no other.



Hot-key Function

People always ask us why we use such a small screen.
To protect drivers from being distracted by the device, we have made it smaller. Even in some countries, there are regulations to limit the size of dashcam for the sake of safety. The screen is only used for 2 situations. The first situation is for first time installation. Drivers should know how to set up the camera at the right angle to make sure the traffic ahead is being recorded and not the sky or only the road. Second, when you urgently need to know what just happened, you can use the playback function to see who is responsible for an accident.



2 Inch High Resolution LCD Screen

Nowadays, a big screen is a must have and we have taken into account the needs of drivers. The appropriate size strikes a balance between the driver’s needs of after recording viewing while prioritizing drivers’ focus and concentration on driving. The selected panel is equipped with vivid colors and proper brightness to make sure drivers’ eyes are comfortable.



Parking Collision / Car-keying Detection in 1 Second

There is a battery built in Z1 that allows you to park your car on the street and turn on the collision detection function. Z1 can be triggered to power on automatically and start recording instantly in 1 second when your vehicle is touched, experiences a vibration or direct force, even car-keying. (car ignition) No other dash cam on the market can do what Cansonic’s Z1 can do. Never worry about the safety of your car and pranks by would-be criminals anymore. Cansonic’s Z1 will get the right evidence to protect your vehicle.



G-sensor / Shock-sensor

The G-sensor is built in the device. It records the G-force data when you are driving/speeding, drifting and even record every second of an accident and offer you the most precise information. In addition, when you turn on the G-sensor function, it is a sensor which, when triggered by a certain force, protects the current file from loop recording.



GNSS / GPS (Optional)

Cansonic developed an advanced function with a GNSS/GPS logger for our driver. With the GNSS/GPS logger, it records all the routes, directions, speed, longitude and latitude. On the top of this, you can use the open source player to connect to any internet map and you can track your trip.


Stereo Speaker / Microphone

Z1 wants to provide the best sound recording, so we use the stereo speaker and microphone to give our customer the best sound recording and playing quality.

Watch Our Road Testing Footage


File Format: Video: MOV. Image: JPG
Audio Recording: Support
Battery: Lithium-ion 750mAh
Loop recording: Oldest file will be automatically deleted in order to make room for new file
Information Stamp: Support
Parking Mode: (Vibration detection) Support
Memory Card: Support up to 128GB Class10 or higher Micro SD Card (not included)
Language: English
Storage Temperature -4°F to 176°F.
Operating Temperature: 14°F to 140°F. (Please remove device from windshield if temperature exceeded limitation)
Ultra Slim Design for easy setup and convenient installation

What's Needed: 
Micro SD memory card 8-128GB SDHC, Class 10 (48mb/s), for best results use a (recognized brand)

Package Includes:
UltraDuo Z1 Dash Camera / Suction mount / 10ft. car charging cable / User Manual

Please recharge the battery before setup. Always connect the UltraMirror to charging cable while it is in use. Build-in battery is used to save files in emergency situation.
The life of SD Cards is limited but it could be from 3 months to a year or more depends on usage, be sure to format the memory card once a while for optimal use. (Replace memory card when it’s become unusable).

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