Total Solution for the Ride and Data

BK series will meet EN14764/14766 certifications for both the city bike and mountain bike standard, and it also passes the CE and RED(Wi-Fi) certification.

Cansonic developed the video playback software and App, which can be used to review the videos from the cameras and also view the user’s route, speed, altitude, latitude, longitude and direction of his/her riding data at the time. Our software also has analytic functions to track the performance variances each day.




📹  High-quality Image
Cyclevue is a 1080P Full HD camera designed for and used by bicycle commuters. 

🌙  HDR with Wide-angle Lens
Equipped with impressive low-light sensitivity component and six wide-angle, glass lenses.

💧  Water-resistant
With IPX68's waterproof rating, it can resist water and protect the device when submerged underwater.

↔️  Adjustable Band
Multi-stage adjustable bracket provides flexibility for mounting on any handlebar.

🔋  Built-in Battery
The internal battery gives you up to three hours of continuous recording so you can easily keep track of your daily commute record without the worry of running out of power.

🚲  Anti-shake
EIS (electronic image stabilization) function reduces image shake, controls image stability and optimizes small vibrations caused by road conditions.

📡  GPS
The built-in GPS logger records speed, altitude and distance.

📶  Wi-Fi
By connecting the camera with their smart phone, users can use their phone to preview, record, download, review, share videos, and change settings.


Playback Software

Desktop / mobile app, lets users control menu settings, video playback, mapping route, data analysis and footage editing/sharing.

🌏  Video Information and Map
The BK series displays your data and map while playing the video at the same time. You’ll be able to see altitude, longitude, latitude, direction, average speed, and maximum speed data.

📅  Calendar

Users can review their saved riding data history. In addition, the app also displays the your previous routs on a map and other details to let users see historical data, information and trends.

📊  Weekly/Monthly Dynamic Insights
Users can use our App to analyze weekly or monthly riding data.  The BK series will use your date to generate charts that help you see your performance each day and how it compares to previous rides. 

✂  Edit

You have the ability to edit and trim your video files. Trim and edit your videos down to only the important parts so it’s easier to share with others.

❤️  Share
Easily upload videos to YouTube and share them with friends.  No more complicated multi-step processes to upload videos to social media.



ℹ️  For more information, please feel free to contact us.


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