Hardwire Kit Type C

Product image 1Hardwire Kit Type C
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Hardwire Kit Type C is an accessory which can help you charge dashcam in car.

The type A is a 5 Pin micro USB standard. (Notice: Do not buy any aftermarket cables or chargers to use on Cansonic dashcams. It may lead to some incident or damage to dashcams.)


Compatible model: UltraDash 310, UltraDash510
Connector type: 5 Pin micro USB
Cable length: 11.48 ft

What's included:

13ft. 5Vdc Mini USB power cable

Mini to micro USB adaptor

Fuse tap cables for ATO/C, ATM, and Micro2 fuses

2 Amp fuses for ATO/C, ATM, and Micro2 fuses

Ferrite core

Instruction manual

Cansonic dashcam require different type of hardwire kit for different models:

Type A: UltraDash 800, UltraDash 850, UltraDV 888, UltraDuo 707, UltraDuo Z1, UltraDuo Z2

Type B: UltraDash 210, UltraDash S1, UltraMirror M1 (Compatible with other general dashcams)

Type C: UltraDash 310, UltraDash510

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