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About Cansonic UltraDash Dash Cam

Providing solution to driving safety

Established in 1986 in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Cansonic is a leading innovator and manufacturer of user-friendly, digital imaging Dash Cams. Our digital video products provide a high quality safety experience for every driver on the road from professional racers, car enthusiasts, to everyday commuting driver. Find us today in: America, Japan, Russia, Europe, South East Asia, Taiwan, and China. Cansonic authorizes Atizoe, located at 261 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, California, USA, to exclusively distribute Cansonic’s products and represent Cansonic in USA.

Professional OEM/ODM Manufacturing

Cansonic is doing its best to fulfill the ultimate in manufacturing and production quality. It is now ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 international standards certified, with the latter being a specific quality system addressing the automobile industry. With the best materials and continuous development and advancement, Cansonic is providing the most reliable product quality and clear image to protect the rights of drivers and road occupants.


In addition to protecting your riding safety, please enjoy our products to make your life more interesting and enriched.

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