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  • Remove lens cover film, clean lens and windshield with tissue or clean cloth. Please make sure both lens and windshield are clean. Tinted window film and scratch can also affect the image performance. Please take a few video clip (inside and outside of the windshield) to test video quality before mounting the device.

  • Our Video uses AVI and MOV format. Please make sure to use proper video playback software that support AVI or MOV format. Make sure your Window Media Player or Quicktime Player is up to date. If you still have problems with playing video files, transfer Micro SD Card Video Files onto your computer's hard drive directly to view.

  • Remove non contiguous files or Format Micro SD card. For best recording use a Branded micro SD class 10 (30MB/s) or UHS type 1 micro SD card. We recommend 8 to 32GB. If PC does not have sufficient speed for video playback, try a different PC. You may also try to copy the video files onto the PC directly to view the recorded files. p.s.: Unbranded / Aftermarket micro SD Card might cause video distortion, lost frames and data corruption.

  • Go to "Audio" setting or Hot Key Function, turn on Audio Function.

  • Go to "play back" menu, check and delete protected folder's video files or any unwanted files. You may also reformat the micro SD card. Adjust Resolution to a smaller size or increase the size of the micro SD card. p.s.: some of our units would support (Max: 32GB). Please check the owner's manual to see what type of micro SD card it supports.


  • You can turn the screen back on by clicking any button. If you don’t want your device auto power off or auto screen off, check the "Auto Power Off" setting and "Screen Saver" setting, and change the settings to OFF or . Check if all connections are connected properly both (Connector) and (Power Supply) indicator light is lit. Check if battery has gone flat, charge the unit for 15-20 minutes if out of battery.

  • We suggest charging the Unit 1 - 2 hours before first use. If the unit was idle for more then 14 days, please recharge it before use.

  • Check "Parking mode" setting, you can turn it off in the menu setting.

  • Check to see if device is being used (during recording), stop all recording and check if "MENU" button is responding. While Device is recording, some of the Button become "Hot Key" function: please refer to owner's manual for "hot keys" functionality.

  • We do have optional accessory for GPS / GNSS enable, it record metadata of speed, latitude, longitude...etc. it can also be view with our iQ Player. If interested, please visit our website for more information.

  • Our image sensor's (dynamic range) is powerful enough to cover the day and night vision image. There is no need to do any setting changes to Day/Night mode. Just simply plug and play. No additional setup is needed.

  • You will need to adjust the Daylight Savings Time (Summer Time) manually from with the SETUP menu. Go to SETUP menu -> Time Zone and select the time zone where you are located.

Memory Card


  • Please connect to a reliable power source with at least 2.1A output and use our car charging cable. We do not suggest any aftermarket power cable or aftermarket adaptor splitter it may not provide enough power and cause device to malfunction.


  • Remove Suction Cup's protective film (plastic film) from suction pad. Moisten suction pad slightly before mounting on Windshield. Make sure Windshield is smooth and clean. Make sure locking lever is fully release before mounting. Press firmly and close the locking lever. Do not stick Suction Cup to glass that has any non smooth surface or black dotted area (If you want to install your device on that area, please use 3M Sticky pad mount. 3M Sticky pad mount is available on our website.)

  • We use 3 types of connector with our power cables: Mini USB: UltraDash 210, UltraMirror M1. Micro USB: UltraDash 310, UltraDash510. Cansonic Peripherals USB: UltraDash 710, UltraDash 800, UltraDash 850, UltraDV 888, UltraDuo 707, UltraDuo Z1, UltraDuo Z2, the differences are each unit require different power rating, type of socket with different pin. Please Do Not mix up the charging cables, it can damage the Socket and Device. DO NOT plug the charger's Connector into GPS socket.


  • Go to SETUP menu and Reset the Device to "Default settings". If you need further help, please contact us at service_usa@cansonic.com or leave a message on our website. We will get back to you within 24 hours. If possible, please provide picture links or video links to help us identify the problems faster. If files are too big(bigger than 5MB), it may be blocked by our mail server.


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