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iQ Viewer Dash Cam Playback Software Application for Mobile Phone

iQ Viewer Dash Cam Playback Software Application for Mobile Phone

iQ Viewer is a highly convenient mobile application designed as a dash cam player software. It enables wireless connection between your mobile device and the UltraDash dash cam, allowing you to easily operate your dash cam anytime, anywhere.

With iQ Viewer, you can conveniently view live footage, remotely control recording, access the menu, playback recorded videos, and download edited videos onto your mobile device. The user interface of iQ Viewer is designed to be user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for people with limited mobile device experience.

Using iQ Viewer is not only convenient but also highly practical. Whether it's daily driving, traveling, or other activities, iQ Viewer can help you easily manage your dash cam. For those who need video evidence for traffic accidents, iQ Viewer is an indispensable tool.

Overall, iQ Viewer is a highly practical mobile application for dash cam playback software, making it easier for you to manage your dash cam. If you are an UltraDash dash cam user, then using iQ Viewer is definitely a great choice. It is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS systems. We will continue to improve the applicability of this software.

Compatible models: UltraDash Z3+ / UltraDash S3.

 About how to use iQ Viewer, please refer to iQ Viewer Dash Cam Playback Software Application for Mobile Phone [Quick Guide]


FEB 28 2023
First-time app launch

MAR 03 2023
First-time app launch

Applicable Type: iQ Viewer Android Version
Android 10 and above
iQ Viewer iOS Version
iOS 15 and above
Software Version: iQ Viewer_V1.0.21 iQ Viewer_V1.0.7
Download Link:
iq dash cam player Android download



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