Dash Cam - UltraDash C1 Some Protections Returning to Work During COVID-19

After the Covid-19 pandemic spread, it is safer to isolate ourselves from others during our daily commute. More peopl...

6 Tips to Select the Best SD Card for Your Dash Cam

There are several factors that play into the decision of which SD card is best for your particular situation.  There ...

7 Reasons Why you need a Dash Cam

What is a Dash Cam and Why You Need One? Placed on a dashboard or windshield of your car, a  dash cam constantly r...

Beginners Guide: What Is Time Attack Racing?

We were attending Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle 2018 to support our sponsored team where race team took their c...

6 Steps to Install a Dash Cam with Specialist Video and Pictures

We invite William Chang, the owner of Concept III who is also the automotive specialist in California to demonstrate...

Be A Responsible Driver

Your safety is in your own hand. Be a responsible driver with a smart gadget that UP your road safety game.  

Smart Festival Packing Tips

Smart festival packing tips: Pack light, dress comfortablely, bring sun protection, and… make sure your road safety b...

Sunshine In Your Life

To the woman who’s the sunshine in your life, give her the best care and love this Mother’s Day. 🌻🌻🌻 Don’t miss out t...

Casual Ride

All we need this weekend is a casual ride, a nice brunch and some quality ME time. 🍸 Sounds good to you too?

Love 💗

Love is…. keeping her company wherever she goes… because safe driving is everything. 💗Easy installation is key! Our d...

Solid References

Your reliable road buddy. ☀️The accident video recorded by our dashcam will be your solid references in the insurance...

Double safety

Hello Monday! Be the best you can be today. Let our dashcam lead your way. .The two 180-degree rotatable lenses captu...
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