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Your Perfect Witness

Providing solution to driving safety, one car at a time.

About us

ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 16949

Cansonic pays great attention to quality manufacturing requirements and international standards. We have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certification which includes specific requirements from automotive industry for design, development and producing our line of products.



Our goal is to provide clear and high-quality image products. We use the best materials, work tirelessly to develop and refine our products to protect all driver and passenger.

Why is UltraDash better than other brands?

☑️ Analyze image artifacts and image quality performance tuning. 
☑️ Design user-friendly interface and easy to navigate for all ages. 
☑️ Utilize best materials to provide the most reliable dash camera. 
☑️ Calibrate image signal processing chip and camera integration. 
☑️ Correlate software automation and optimize image processing.
☑️ Support our customers directly by phone, email, and live chat. 
☑️ One year limited warranty / 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Jack Nicholas Thomas

Race Car Driver

UltraDash Z3 Standard Edition 
My dashcam helps capture dramatic, fun and sometimes dangerous video when I am on the race track. It help me to review my drive, track condition and sometimes unexpected spin out footage on the track. Thanks to all my sponsors for hooking me up with all the gears. I'm hoping to finish strong this season. @r1st2nv


Bret Nicoletti

Commuter & Racing Driver

UltraDash Z3
Driver safety is a huge topic right now, it is up to us to protect ourselves. Recently, when I was getting off work, driving back home like any other day. I had a close encounter of not one, but TWO red light runners. Almost got in an accident, luckily no one was hurt. I was lucky to have a dashcam installed, this dashcam is a silent witness that can save us from a huge headaches. @mazdabret


William Chang

Automotive Specialist

UltraDash C1
As a installer, lots of customers had asked me. "Should I get a dash camera"? I would say, "Think about how many times you have heard in the news of accident that were recorded for an accurate account of an incident?" With increase in popularity, a dash camera is a must now a days. It can help drivers by proving a true account of events when involved in any situation.  It give a true account of what happened, and a valuable tools when it comes time to prove innocence or liable in any given situation. This invenstment will pay for itself in the long run. @concept3



Professional Driver

UltraDash Z3 Commercial Edition
When I drive whether running errands or driving with Lyft and Uber, safety is my number one concern for both my passengers and myself. It is a Great idea to have dash cameras in your cars. Anything can happen from accidents to safety concerns. You don't Always know who you're picking up and anyone can make an account or borrow one. I like knowing that there's a third unbiased perspective to protect myself and passengers in case things don't go as planned.  I see so many people running red lights, driving crazy, driving drunk, or trying to cause accidents. I feel that it's sad that we need cameras because of the actions of others, but I'm glad that I have them just in case something happens. @willpoetic


261 E Colorado Blvd.  
Ste 201
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 460-8807

Monday - Friday , 9:00 to 13:00 (PST)
Saturday & Sunday closed


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