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UltraDash S3 Firmware Update

Firmware release        Date:  MAY 28 2024



  1. Added feature to choose whether to reset user settings when updating firmware via OSD.
  2. Added mechanism to determine if ACC is connected for the first time.
  3. Fixed issue where rear camera files were not unlocked when powered on through vibration detection.
  4. Fixed issue where enabling vibration detection might continuously exit parking monitoring, leading to repeated recording.
  5. Fixed issue where sometimes the file would not be locked when powered on through vibration detection.
  6. Fixed issue where the file would still be locked when powered on through ACC ON with vibration detection.
  7. Modified P file function flow.
  8. Fixed issue where screen protection settings would fail if WiFi was enabled until the next boot.
  9. Extended the count for triggering ACC events to 2 seconds to avoid process errors due to rapid ACC switching.
  10. Fixed issue where screen protection option set through the app had no effect.
  11. Added process to update rear camera firmware through the app.
  12. Optimized vibration detection process.
  13. Fixed issue where ACC and general vibration lock events could not be triggered normally during countdown to screen off, causing anomalies.
  14. Fixed issue where parking monitoring could still be triggered through ACC while in the menu.
  15. Fixed issue where recording might not restart if ACC ON was triggered during time-lapse recording.
  16. Before time calibration via GPS, reset the time zone based on regional settings once to avoid the issue of time being set to GMT+0.
  17. Fixed issue where files would not be protected if manually stopped during recording started by vibration power-on.
  18. Optimized manual update process for rear camera firmware, fixed issue of update failure due to improper recording stop.
  19. Adjusted the timing of saving settings before shutting down.

After updating to this version, we recommend that you format the memory card before starting to record again. Please back up any important files before formatting.


Applicable Type:  UltraDash S3
Firmware Version:  S3_4.0_BDZEBC_C
Instruction: Update Instruction
firmware download


Hello everyone! The new version has arrived, and this time we're introducing a new feature called "Parking Mode Time-Lapse" for Z3+ and S3. Once you select the parking mode in menu, you can select the time-lapse option. Please note that this feature requires the use of the HW1 Advanced Hardwire Kit.

When the vehicle is turned off, the HW1 hardwire kit will detect the engine shutdown and initiate the time-lapse function. The Parking Mode Time-Lapse icon will change from gray to white, indicating that it's active. This feature captures one photo every second, effectively compressing approximately 30 minutes of real-time footage into one minute of recorded footage. The file size will match the bit rate settings and will be stored in the PROTECTED folder.

If the vehicle's ACC is detected by HW1 hardwire kit, the system will exit the time-lapse mode and return to normal video recording. The Parking Mode Time-Lapse icon will revert to gray.

Please be aware that the power consumption for time-lapse is approximately 75% of regular video recording, so it still consume some power. If you don't use HW1's low voltage protection feature or if you don't drive frequently, it's recommended to stick with the original "Vibration Detection". Tesla owners or those with a permanent 12V cigarette lighter power source can also use the time-lapse function. The system will apply the same logic as the regular parking mode: it activates after around five minutes of inactivity and exits parking monitoring mode if significant vibrations are detected during vehicle entry.

We invite all brave users to test out this new feature. Thank you!


For customer that would like to send the device back to us for update, just simply contact our customer service team for a return shipping label for free:
Tel: 626-460-8807 (9am - 3pm PST) 

Please feel free to contact us directly if you need any additional help. Providing a great customer experience is very important to us. We remain committed to doing anything we can to help, so please feel free to contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss this further.


NOTICE: As larger cards are more prone to occur speed drops, and with current video reaching up to multiple 2K or 4K recording, the resource usage is much more than the previous 1080P model. Therefore, we recommend using high-endurance memory cards such as SanDisk Max Endurance, and Samsung Pro Endurance memory cards for 128GB and 256GB cards. Using low-speed memory cards may cause recording stop.

we recommend using high-endurance memory cards such as SanDisk High Endurance, SanDisk Max Endurance, and Samsung Pro Endurance memory cards for 128GB and 256GB cards.




Firmware Update Instruction

1) Make sure your SD card is formatted and copy the S3FW.BIN into the root directory of the SD card. Notice: Make sure the file name is S3FW.BIN If you see S3FW(1) .BIN or so on, please rename the file name to S3FW.BIN


2) Insert the SD card into the dashcam.


3) Connect the UltraDash S3 to your PC or Mac with the USB cable, and make sure the dashcam is charging.


4) When turning on the dashcam, select the DashCam and there will be a popup message as picture below.


5) It may take a while for updating. Once it finishes the update, the UltraDash S3 will turn off the device automatically.

After updating, remove SD card from device, delete the S3FW.BIN file from the SD card on your PC/Mac.
Note: Some firmware versions may delete the S3FW.BIN file automatically, please make sure the .BIN file is removed. If .BIN file not removed, it will re-update the firmware again when turning on the device.

6) Turn on the dash cam and reset the first time settings. Press MENU button and entry Setup Menu and select the "System Info" and select "Firmware Version." If the Version is S3_X.X_XXXXXX_X, then it is successfully updated.
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