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Hardwire Kit

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UltraDash Hardwire Kit

Dash Cam Accessories: Hardwire Kit 11.5 Ft Mini USB (5 Pin) Connector with 4 Fuse Tabs

Specifications: Mini USB Connector (5pin), Input: 12V dc – 24V dc, Output: 5V dc 2A.

Product Size: About 11.5 Ft.

Compatible Model: UltraDash C1 / Z3 and works with most mini USB connector devices (Please check and confirm your Device model or contact our Customer Service Team for support.)

Package Include: Hardwire Kit (11.5 Ft) for Dash Cam x1, Ferrite Core x1, 12-24V dc to 5V dc Regulator x1, Fuse Tap Cable x4 (ATM Mini, Micro2, ATO/C, LP-Mini)

Note: Although UltraDash Dash Cam uses a Mini USB connector, please do not use another brand hardwire kit (power cable) to connect to UltraDash's device. We cannot guarantee the quality of other hardwire kits (power cable). When another equipment or cable's current output is less than 2A or voltage is unstable, it might cause the device to malfunction or even be unusable.

Suppose you want Parking Mode to work continuously and extra space for the cigarette lighter (12V Socket) without exposing wire entanglement in your vehicle. This set of hardwiring kits will be the best choice for your dash cam power supply equipment!

This Hardwire Power supply kit connects the dash cam directly to the fuse box in the vehicle. It does not cut off power when the car is turned off if connected to Permanent (Always Hot) Power. It effectively ensures the continuous operation of the parking mode function. When the car battery drops to 11.9V, its automatic power-off process will cut off power and effectively protect the car battery. It will leave you with enough power to start your car. If you are not familiar with the wiring installation, please consult a professional installer or vehicle technician to start the installation to avoid damage.

For detailed installation, please refer to our article: How to Hardwire Dash Cam Installation Guide Step-by-step

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