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Super Bundle - Front Z3+(Commercial) and Rear C1 Three Channels Dash Cams

Front Z3+(Commercial) + Rear C1 + HW1-D

Package Include: UltraDash Z3+ Commercial Edition w/ SanDisk High Endurance 64GB Card x 1 / UltraDash C1 (regular version) w/ SanDisk High Endurance 64GB Card x 1 / Advanced Hardwire Kit HW1-D Dual L-Shape Cables x 1.

Note: SD cards are already inserted into the device.

Install UltraDash Z3+ on the front and UltraDash C1 on the rear windshield, respectively, and then supply power to the front and rear UltraDash Dash Cams through the Advanced Hardwire Kit HW1-D. Z3+ will help you protect the front side with dual lens of telephoto + wide-angle recordings, C1 will protect the rear side, and here is no need to occupy any 12V cigarette socket.

Front Z3 and Rear C1 Three Channels Dash Cams

UltraDash Z3+ Dash Cam Product Features

Z3+ commercial has an IR cabin lens and a wide-angle lens, allowing you to record everything inside and outside the car to protect your driving right especially for Uber, Lyft, taxi, and other professional drivers. Learn more about UltraDash Z3+ Dual-lens Dash Cam (Commercial Edition)

UltraDash C1 Dash Cam Product Features

C1 has excellent day and night image recording and is not expensive at all. Whether placed in the front as a general dash cam or in the rear as a rear dash cam, it can more completely record the cause and effect of the incident. Learn more about UltraDash C1 Dash Cam

UltraDash HW1-D Advanced Hardwire Kit Product Features

HW1-D equips Low-Voltage Power Protection Function, Timer Function, and Dual Output Power Supply Function. In addition, the L-Shape Design Cables perfectly match our magnetic mount, and the hardwiring can activate the Parking Mode Function of the UltraDash dash cam to protect your car when you leave the vehicle. Learn more about UltraDash HW1-D Advanced Hardwire Kit

Q: Is it more cost-effective to buy R1 or C1?

A: Consider the following three points:

1. R1 is just a rear camera and cannot function as a standalone dash cam. It needs to be attached to the main unit of Z3+ or S3 to work. On the other hand, C1 is a dash cam that can operate on its own and has a memory card slot, which means it can store more data than R1, which needs to share the capacity of the Z3+ or S3 main unit.

2. R1 has a higher resolution of 2K compared to C1's 1080P.

3. R1 is slightly more expensive than C1.

Therefore, I think both have pros and cons, and you can consider them according to your needs. However, you can also consider adding an R1 in addition to Z3+ and C1 for extra protection.

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