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UltraDash Car Power Cable

Dash Cam Accessories: Car Power Cable Charger 11.5 Ft Mini USB (5 Pin) Connector

Specifications: Mini USB Connector (5pin), Input: 12V dc – 24V dc, Output: 5V dc 2A.

Product Size: About 11.5 Ft.

Compatible Model: UltraDash C1 / Z3 and works with most mini USB connector devices (Please check and confirm your Device model or contact our Customer Service Team for support.)

Note: Although UltraDash Dash Cam is using a Mini USB connector, please do not use other brand car power cables or chargers to connect to UltraDash's device. We cannot guarantee the quality of other car power cables or chargers. When other cable's current output is less than 2A or voltage is unstable, it might cause the device to malfunction or even unusable.

After the car power cable is properly connected (Plug and Play), you can start the car engine and the dash cam will automatically start recording. After the car is turned off, the dash cam will automatically shut down when the cigarette lighter (12V socket) stops supplying power.

The dash cam car power cable is the most basic power supply setup and the easiest way to install. The cigarette lighter (12V socket) end of the car power cable is used to connect to the cigarette lighter (12V socket) slot on the car. The mini USB 5 pin connector end is used to connect the DC IN connector on the Dash Cam.

For detailed installation, please refer to our article: 7 Easy Steps to Install a Dash Cam Yourself
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