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Beginners Guide: What Is Time Attack Racing?

Beginners Guide: What Is Time Attack Racing?



We were attending Global Time Attack SLB (Super Lap Battle 2018) to support our sponsored team (Jack Thomas Racing / Flores Racing / Rooney Speed) on Nov 9. This event is hosted at Buttonwillow Race Way in California. 

The race format is splitted into 5 different groups, Vehicle include:
Acura NSX  /  BMW M3  /  Chevrolet Camaro  /  Dodge Viper  /  Ford Focus ST
Honda Civic Type R  /  Mazda Miata MX5  /  Mercedes Benz C63 AMG  /  Tesla Model 3 
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo  /  Nissan GTR  /  Porsche 911  /  Sion tC  /  Subaru WRX

All wheel drive, Rear wheel drive, Front wheel drive and the different level of modification.scion-tc-ford-focus-mazda-miata-team-cansonic-ultradash-dashcamOur team has 3 cars which are attributed to the group D and E, but unfortunately, one of the car, Efrain Flores's Sion tC, was having some issues during the practice lap and couldn't be raced this time.scion-tc-engine-issue-cansonic-ultradashBefore each session, they will have to check the tire pressure, engine, tuning preset setting, dashcams and so on.check-tire-pressure-before-race-cansonic-ultradash-dashcamcheck-preset-chipset-cansonic-ultradash-dashcam-ford-focusOur team driver, Bret Nicoletti, put one dual lens dash camera to shoot the front view with 1080P 60 frames per second and point the other one, C1 dash cam inside the cabin view. And the other driver, Jack Thomas, used the Z3 commercial version to shoot both outside and inside simultaneously and using the C1 on the rear windshield to record the rear-view action.installing-dash-cam-miata-cansonic-ultraduo-z2mazda-miata-dash-cam-ultradash-z2-c1-racing-carsford-focus-installing-dash-cam-z2-commercial-cansonic-ultradashford-focus-installing-dash-cam-c1-rear-windshield-cansonic-ultradashJack Thomas had suited up and is getting ready to line up by their fastest recorded time and start each session one by one when the staff guides them thru grid. line-up-time-attack-racing-cansonic-ultradashEach lap, the timer will record their lap time automatically, and compete GTA Sanctioned time attack events score and points. (the timer in the picture does not appear clearly cause the LED frequency is different to the camera I use.) 

global-time-attack-timer-dash-cam-ultradash-cansonicSometimes, accident happens like car crash, slippery or engine over heat etc. The flag man will change the flag depends on the track condition.

Green: Safe racing conditions
Yellow: Local caution / Slow down and be prepared to stop
Red: Session stopped
Black:  Return to the pitsflag-man-ultradash-cansonicAfter the session, Jack opened the hood to cool off the our iQ Player dash cam video playback software, the drivers used it to review the videos, route, speed, latitude, longitude, direction of the drive and information of the G sensor data on this track.iqplayer-speed-record-gsensor-racing-miata-focus-player-dash-cam-cansonic-ultradashEach event would have 4 sessions, each session has 15 minutes and usually starts from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Drivers are to compete with each other and to break their personal record. Each and every session with the exception of the Practice/Qualifying Rounds will count toward class standings and record bounties.porche-911-cansonic-ultradash-dashcammazda-miata-dash-cam-ultradash-z2-c1-racing-cars-trackford-focus-racing-dash-cam-z2-commercial-cansonic-ultradash

If you are interested in it, you can visit Global Time Attack Website for more information. 

Special Thanks to: 

Automotive Specialist:

@Bret Nicoletti
@Jack Nicholas Thomas
@Efrain Gino Flores


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