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UltraDash Dash Cam Mount in the car

6 Steps to Install a Dash Cam with Specialist Video and Pictures

Install a dash cam

We invite William Chang, the owner of Concept III who is also the automotive specialist in California to demonstrate how to install your dash cam properly in the car.

1. Prepping the Device:

Prepare your dash cam with its suction cup mount and power cable (car charger).


For the power cable installation process, please double check if your vehicle has an SRS curtain airbag or not. Most cars do have it now, please remove the “A pillar” panel.

2. Finding the Sweet Spot:

Position the dash cam and the suction cup. Attach the suction cup and find a good location that will not obstruct a view on the vehicle. We recommend that it can stay within 5 inches from the top of the windshield. (The restriction may differ according to states and countries.) Make sure that the surface is clean then attach the camera and lock the clip.


3. Checking the liner:

This is the most important procedure, please be very careful doing so. Run the wire behind the airbag. DO NOT BLOCK THE AIRBAG.


4. Tucking the Excess Wire:

Attach the power cable to the dashboard camera. Afterward, hide the rest of the extra cable behind the roof liner. Please gently force the cable behind the headliner and tuck it away.

tuck-wire-roof-liner-dashboard-camera-installationNow you can put the “A pillar” panel back and hide the wire behind the rubber seal.

5. Powering the Device: 

Please find your 12 volt solution for the power cable (car charger) and plug it into the 12 volt socket.

6. Finishing the install:

Go underneath the dash panel and tuck the wires away and whatever excess wires you have left, it is easier just to put them behind the factory carpet.

Now the installation is complete!

This dashcam installation instruction is for your reference only, if still not sure about the installation process, please consult a professional installer or vehicle technician to start the installation instead of doing it yourself.

The hardwire kit is also available for professional installation.
It allows you to free up the 12V power outlet in your vehicle.

Video Tutorial:

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