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Does TESLA need an additional dash cam?

Tesla Dash Cam VS Aftermarket Dash Cam

Does the Tesla owner need an aftermarket dash cam?

With the efforts of "Elon Musk" in the past few years, the era of electric vehicles has finally officially arrived. Tesla, a brand that symbolizes the future, has risen worldwide, and the sales of Model 3 have become increasingly bright. On the road in the United States, you can already see the traces of Tesla anytime, anywhere. I believe that many of my special car owners are also very satisfied with Tesla's dazzling functions, and we like it very much. However, the Tesla car has the "Dash Cam" function and the "Sentry Mode" function, but in the Tesla community, many riders still have installed additional dash cams. Why is this? ? Is it necessary? Today, as die-hard fans, we will help most Tesla owners analyze this question!

The UltraDash dual-lens dash cam is placed on the Tesla dashboard. In front of the steering wheel is the steering wheel

Image resolution difference

The Tesla is equipped with eight lenses, and the resolution of each lens is 1280 x 960. This resolution is only a little higher than the HD720P, but it is already very good at the level of her setup. But if you look at the video footage, you can see that the video effect is still a little lower than Full HD. An aftermarket dash cam can help to rehabilitate it. Tesla can operate multiple lenses simultaneously, which can be done through image recognition, as for a five-channel dash cam for her high-performance autopilot system with high resolution, and the four front, rear, left, and right lenses are used as dash cam recorders. Even with the self-driving system and many safety warnings, the current traffic is still relatively chaotic, and we still have the chance to be hit by others while driving safely. Therefore, in case of car accidents, we must provide evidence to the insurance company or the peace officer that such resolution is still insufficient. Currently, the resolution of the aftermarket dash cam is usually above 1920 x 1080. It can identify the license plate and the characteristics of people and nearby objects, etc., so we think the difference in "resolution" is necessary for an additional dash cam installation.

 Resolution comparison between Ultradash dash cam and Tesla dash cam

Audio Recording function

Tesla's dash cam does not have a recording function. We guess it may be due to regulations in other countries or because these lenses are not used initially as dash cams. Later, they discovered this application and wrote an application for everyone to use as a driving recorder. All in all, these videos have no sound. If there is sound when giving evidence, the situation at the scene can be restored, especially in disputes. Recently, there was a news article that an impulsive Tesla driver got into a disagreement because of a charging spot. The driver had injured another rider with a BB gun. Fortunately, the victim had a mobile phone and video recorded the incident. Still, if your dash cam has a recording function, you should be able to record the current situation to avoid accidents. This is also one of the functions that I think is very important, "Audio Recording.”

 A woman driving was threatened by a man with a gun

Loop recording and File protection (Auto Saved) functions

Tesla's dash cam and aftermarket dash cam have the loop recording function, but Tesla's dash cam will cycle once every hour. If you want to save the file, remember to press the save button to save the 10-minute footage before the button is pressed to avoid being deleted. The aftermarket dash cam will determine how long the video length be cycled according to the capacity of the memory card you are using. For example, our 1080P dash cam can use 256GB to record continuously for 40+ hours before it starts to cycle. Of course, suppose you encounter a car accident. In that case, If the device detects abnormal force, it will automatically protect (autosaved) the file. If it needs to be saved, you can press the protection key function to move the file to the protected folder (autosaved) to avoid looped overwritten. This is the advantage of an extra dash cam. It is more suitable for lazy drivers. If you forget to press the button, footage can still be saved. However, we still remind everyone to back up and save those important videos immediately in case of error. Therefore, we believe that "protecting important files" "It's a bonus!

 ULTRADASH Z3 Dual Camera Dash Cam and Tesla's Screen and Steering Wheel

GPS record speed/latitude/longitude/network map location

For evidence or reference materials, the more complete the preparation, the better. You don’t know when you don’t need them, and you only know how important these small pieces of information are when you need them. Through GPS Logging, you can record the speed, latitude, and longitude, indicating the speed of your car at that time and where you are. Wherever the situation occurs, you can also find your location through our iQ Player along with Google Maps. This is also the advantage of our dash cam, and "GPS information" is also information that Tesla cannot record.

The MAC computer uses iQ Player, a special playback software for driving recorders, on the table

Sentry Mode VS Parking Monitor Mode

Tesla's Sentry Mode is the same as the dash cam's Parking Mode. Still, Parking Mode usually requires the purchase of a hardwiring cable to connect to the permanent (Always Hot) power supply in the fuse box on the vehicle to have the dash cam always powered on to use. But Tesla's fuse box is not the same as the traditional vehicle’s fuse box. Even if it is connected, it may cause a warning to Tesla's car computer, so using the hardwiring kit on the Tesla is generally not recommended. Still, when the sentry mode is activated, the 12V socket of the vehicle is powered on. At this time, it can be used simultaneously through Tesla's sentinel mode and the parking monitoring of the dash cam. We have to say that Tesla's sentinel mode is excellent! If when coupled with the ultra-wide-angle lens of the dash cam itself, you can give your Tesla more protection!

Tesla Sentry Mode is on

UltraDash Z3 Telescope Lens Features

In addition to comparing the Tesla dash cam and the aftermarket dash cam, we would like to introduce the irreplaceable function of our UltraDash Z3 to all drivers; that is, it has a telescopic zoom lens, which can view all license plates. We are the only brand in the market to have this function and have been doing it since 2010. Our technologically elegant product design, friendly and complete interface functions, and affordable prices must meet the needs of all drivers. Please check out the UltraDash Z3 dual-lens dash cam page for a comprehensive introduction.


UltraDash Z3 Telephoto lens record license plate
 ULTRADASH Z3 driving recorder is placed on the dashboard of MODEL 3


Although we have analyzed the shortcomings of Tesla's dash cam above, we still have complete confidence in them. After all, Tesla has many lenses on the vehicle’s body to make all the pictures more comprehensive and add driving value. It is also an excellent investment for driving safety that an additional dash cam can improve our particular score from 95 points to 100 points, and our dash cam is also a good product designed with heart. Check it out yourselves, and let us know what you think!

ULTRADASH Z3 on the rear of TESLA MODEL 3


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