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How to effectively reduce the image shaking

How to reduce the jello effect caused by car vibrations in the footage recorded by a dash cam?

How to effectively reduce the image shaking or jelly effect caused by idling or car vibrations in dashcam footage?

Image stabilization and vibration reduction for dash cam videos

Installing a dash cam in a vehicle introduces the challenge of dealing with different levels of vibrations caused by various idling or suspension characteristics. While software-based stabilization methods can help to some extent, they may not be sufficient to handle excessive vibrations. In such cases, using hardware solutions becomes the most effective and economical approach to combat the vibrations.

Jello Effect

Our dual-lens dashcam UltraDash Z3+ is equipped with a telephoto lens, and even slight vibrations can cause significant shaking. This phenomenon is commonly known as the "jello effect," where the image appears skewed or distorted when capturing high-speed or vibrating objects using an electronic shutter on a CMOS sensor.

However, it is normal for telephoto lenses to be more susceptible to vibrations. For instance, you can try using your smartphone camera and zoom in as much as possible. You will notice that even slight vibrations result in significant shaking. But today, I'm here to guide you on how to minimize the issue of vibrations as much as possible!

jello effect vs stable video

How to effectively solve the vibration issue?

First, prepare a 20mm hex wrench and some Tack-it adhesive. In fact, by using the hex wrench to securely tighten the bracket, most of the vibrations can be resolved. Therefore, those who are concerned about the product's appearance can skip using the Tack-it adhesive clay.

Prepare wrench and clay
Securely tighten the locking ring of the bracket using a hex wrench.
Although we provide both a suction cup mount and a 3M adhesive mount as standard accessories, the 3M mount is shorter in length compared to the suction cup mount. As a result, it offers more stability against vibrations. Therefore, we recommend using the 3M adhesive mount. Additionally, we provide static film stickers along with the product, so installing it with the combination of the static film and the 3M mount will not damage the heat-insulating windows film or windshield. Once properly tightened, vibrations will be significantly reduced. Please note that when tightening, make sure the locking ring is not misaligned, as it can cause damage to the threads.
use wrench tighten locking ring
use wrench tighten locking ring

Using Tack-it adhesive eco-friendly clay for vibration absorption

The technique of using Tack-it adhesive clay for vibration absorption was actually suggested by our users. If you are aiming for a more perfect telephoto lens image effect, Tack-it adhesive eco-friendly clay with its soft and elastic properties can absorb finer vibrations, resulting in a more optimal shooting outcome. To begin, knead the purchased Tack-it adhesive eco-friendly clay into a ball.

knead clay into ball

Next, completely cover the clay over the bracket, ensuring that the clay fully reinforces the bracket. The size of the clay can be adjusted as per your preference. In our demonstration, we used a relatively larger amount to cover the entire bracket. However, eco-friendly clay is very affordable, and we recommend purchasing "Tack-it adhesive by Faber-Castell" from online platforms like Amazon or stationery stores. You can shape the clay as desired for aesthetic purposes.

reinforces the bracket with clay

reinforces the bracket with clay

The ultimate reinforcement against vibrations is now complete

I understand that using eco-friendly clay may seem a bit unconventional. So, if appearance is a concern, using a size 20mm hex wrench will still yield excellent results. The mention of eco-friendly clay is to share the ingenious solution contributed by our users. The reduction in vibrations is truly remarkable, and I couldn't help but share such a great method with everyone.

reinforces the bracket with clay install in car

reinforces the bracket with clay install in car


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