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Dash Cam mount on the windshield

Easy installation of 3M adhesive dash cam bracket

I want to use the 3M adhesive mount for my dash cam, but I'm afraid of messing up my tinting film.

Try using the static side film + 3M adhesive bracket!

Does your dash cam mount keep falling off on a hot summer day? Hurry and use the static side film with a 3M adhesive mount; it is the best choice for the hot summer heat (Included with the standard package)! Due to the temperature difference between day and night, the suction cup bracket will loosen due to the relationship between thermal expansion and cold contraction over a long period. Quality is improving with the popularity of (static cling stickers / static side film) and the acceptance of 3M adhesive brackets. However, many users still do not want to try the 3M adhesive mount because they do not understand the principle of static cling stickers.

Adhesive? I fear it will mess up the window tinting film or windshield! At this time, in addition to introducing how to install the 3M adhesive bracket, I will also briefly introduce the principle that the static side film will not cause any damage to your window tint. Let’s go!

dash cam is installed on the car with a 3M sticker bracket

What is a Static Cling sticker (Static side film)?

We will first explain electrostatic stickers, also known as static side films. Many people think that static side films also have adhesives, so they dare not use them on windshields or window tinting films, but electrostatic films are no adhesives! This is not pasted by a traditional adhesive backing. There are two views on this part; one is to rely on the "static,” and the other side is to rely on "atmospheric pressure"! When the static film is torn off from the release paper, it is negatively charged and adsorbed to the windshield through static cling. When the static side film is in contact with the glass, the air between the static cling film and the glass is expelled, and a vacuum is formed inside, causing the pressure to change. Small, at this time, the atmospheric pressure is greater than the pressure between the glass and the static side film, and then the adhesion ability is generated so that it will not fall off. Isn’t it amazing?

However, static cling stickers also have shortcomings. Repeated sticking is not recommended because there will be dirt or dust after sticking. Oil or dust will cause the adsorption surface to be uneven and cannot be completely attached to the glass so that the air is not blocked. It is completely discharged, so repeated pasting will affect the adsorption quality. In addition, static cling stickers cannot be pasted on rough places (such as defogging lines and black dot areas) or non-smooth surfaces!

Now that we know the principle of static side stickers, we don't need to worry about this film messing up the windshield and window tinting. Then let's see how to apply the static side film and 3M adhesive mount!

dash cam's static film


Step 1: Remove the magnetic connector body

Since the magnetic connector bracket is installed on the suction cup bracket when shipped, the magnetic connector bracket body must be removed first. The magnetic connector body can be pulled out by rotating the locking ring to loosen it until it exits the threads.

suction cup and locking ring and magnetic mount

Step 2: Install the magnetic connector to the 3M adhesive bracket

First, remove the locking ring on the 3M adhesive mount, then insert the locking ring into the ball head on the magnetic connector bracket.

magnetic mount with locking ring

Rotate the locking ring to lock. Please pay attention to whether the locking ring is aligned when closed. If it is misaligned, it is impossible to close the locking ring. Please loosen the locking ring and lock it again when it is tilted.

misaligned vs aligned locking ring

3M adhesive amount

Step 3: Confirm the installation location

Install the mount on the device. When the power is plugged in, check the picture on the screen and select the location to be installed. It is recommended to choose the installation location behind the rearview mirror to avoid the driving view from being blocked by the dash cam. In addition, be careful not to select a black Dot (dotted) area; the static film in this area will not be able to attach.

not to select a black dot (dotted) area

Step 4: Cleaning

After selecting the installation location, use a wiping cloth to clean the place to be attached. If the area is oily, you can wipe it with cleaning fluid. Next, please ensure that there is no cleaning fluid or alcohol residue on the surface and wait for the surface to dry. Please do not. Add water or liquid to the adsorption site, which may cause the electrostatic film to peel off or slip.

Clean the windshield surface

Step 5: Paste the static side sticker

After cleaning, you can paste the static side film. Using the static side sticker can protect your window tint and windshield. It is also convenient to change or remove the position in the future, but remember that the static side film can only be pasted on the glass surface. Not the uneven surface. There is no way to paste the dot (dotted) area, dashboard, and defogging line. You can omit this step if you want to mount the dash cam on the plastic trim.

After attaching, please remember to use a cloth to squeeze out the air bubbles in the static side film as much as possible to avoid the attached film not being flat enough, resulting in insufficient adsorption force.

attach the static film to windshield

Step 6: Mounting the bracket to the static side film

Remove the release paper from the 3M adhesive, stick the mount on the static side sticker, and keep pressing for 30 seconds after sticking to ensure complete attachment. In addition, it is recommended to leave the mount for 24 hours after positioning. Do not mount the device yet, so the adhesive can stick to the static cling sticker more firmly.

attach the 3M adhesive mount to the static film


Now you're done and don't have to worry about the mounting bracket falling due to the temperature difference between hot and cold. In addition, the adhesive mount is also helpful for image stabilization! Especially our UltraDash Z3 telephoto lens, because of the characteristics of the lens, the telephoto lens will be more evident for shaking, and the stability of the 3M adhesive mount with less structure will be better than that of the suction cup mount!

For a long time, we have recommended that all customers use the adhesive mount as much as possible. We have included these accessories in the standard package of our UltraDash Z3. If you or your friends have purchased the UltraDash Z3, come and experience the beauty of static side film and 3M adhesive mount!

Dash Cam mount on the windshield



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